Spring in Franklin County, Maine

Temple Stream

    Franklin County is in full bloom as it warmly welcomes the spring season! With blossoming foliage and vibrant wildlife, Franklin County is the perfect destination to enjoy the warmth and explore the beautiful landscape.

    If you're feeling adventurous, grab your bike or hiking shoes and trek through the many trails that run throughout the area or the 4+miles of trail that Troll Valley Hiking & Mountain Biking Trail System provide. For more experienced bikers, the Webb Lake path in Weld is 16 miles of spectacular views looking out at the lake and surrounding mountainsides.

    The warm days are ideal for the fisherman or kayaker alike for enjoying the Sandy River or one of the several lakes and streams that run through the county. Maine Huts and Trails perfectly accommodates travelers and their spring fishing or canoeing adventures by providing huts to stay in along the way.

    After hiking a nearby mountain like Tumbledown or visiting a beautiful park like Mt. Blue State Park, enjoy a bite to eat in Downtown Farmington or Wilton at the many restaurants they have to offer and check out some of their unique shops afterwards! With the arrival of springtime festivals and concerts as well, Franklin County provides the explorer or first-time visitor with a bounty of activities and much more! For a complete listing of events, see our "Events" section at the top of the page.





13th Annual Golf Classic presented by Seth Wescott & the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce      The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that we're teaming up again with Seth Wescott to host the 13th Annual Scholarship Golf Classic on Friday, October 2, 2015 at the Sugarloaf Golf Club.

     Proceeds are used to help fund the Annual Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Program and the Level Field Fund for area students and athletes.

     Please visit the link here to view more details and to sign up as a player or a sponsor.