Jul 7 2018

Sat Manava Hatha Yoga Retreat

Starts: 4:00 PM

Location: 243 Greenwood Brook Road Industry

Traditionally, the physical practices of Yoga were practiced simultaneously with meditation, and Pranayam (breath work). 

Sat Manava Yoga takes such an approach. Fulfilling the original intention of Yoga we bring it all together in balance and application, giving you the deepest experience of fulfillment through practice. 

Sat Manava practitioners begin each day with an intensified Asana practice, coupled with Pranayam and meditation. The body is empty, the mind is quiet, the intention for the whole day can be established. It is the ideal time for purification and building of the Pran (life force). 

On this retreat, we focus on Sat Manava's morning practice, with the specific intention of assisting you in establishing, or deepening, a consistent, dedicated morning Sadhana (practice). Daily practice is essential to the realization of our true purpose as human beings: to experience and emanate fulfillment for the benefit of all beings. We offer:

  • 3 hours of teachings, application, and discussion on Yogi life and Hatha Yoga practice
  • 8 hours of Asana (postures), Pranayam (breath extension) and meditation intensives
  • Sattvic (balanced) vegan fare-prepared by experienced dedicated practitioners and chefs
  • Pradakshina-a meditative hike, circumambulating our Guru's practice temple, a traditional practice to receive the emanations of accomplished practitioners (optional)
  • And much more!

Check out the full schedule and the offerings of the retreat here: Sat Manava Hatha Yoga Retreat Schedule. 


FMI: www.hridayahermitage.com or (207)485-1228 ~ (207)542-6606

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