Oct 20 2018

Kirtan at the Ranch

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: The Ranch 1 Halls Hill Road Falmouth, ME, 04105

Kirtan is the music of the yogis, a manifest expression of the fulfillment of being alive! So often we forget to appreciate all that we are, the power we possess as humane beings and all that we need to apire to be. 

Shiva Lila's musicians have dedicated their lives to becoming more through Yoga and Meditation. We seek to bring our audience to a place of fulfillment so we all can strive for more in our lives, more for those we love, more for the whole world!

We perform to support the non-profit Hridaya Hermitage. Thank you for your contribution, 100% of it goes to furthering our mission of making a divine life possible for all!

One of favorite places to perform. Ashok hosted Shiva Lila's first performance 6 years ago!


FMI: http://www.hridayahermitage.com

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